Avon Sentinel

Federated Church in Avon, Illinois.
Federated Church

Avon (or “A-Town” as it’s sometimes called) is a small village (<1000 people) in Fulton County, Illinois.

You might miss Avon if you’re driving through in a hurry or not paying attention. It’s total land area is just under half a square mile.


Avon was settled in 1835 by Ira Woods and his family. In the early days, the small settlement was called Woodsville.

It became large enough to house a post office in 1843, when it was renamed Woodstock. But a duplicate Woodstock name was causing confusion, prompting the postmaster to give the town its current title in 1852.

For a good stretch of time, Avon was a growing and busy town. Railway connections placed Avon as a stop between Quincy and Chicago. It was also used in the transport of cattle to Chicago slaughterhouses.

The village continues to support public elementary and high schools, as well as a public library.

Things to Do

A great place to stop anytime you’re passing through Avon is the Main Street Cafe. It’s known for good food, cleanliness, and helpful, friendly staff.